About us


Our mission is to guide our clients through the inevitable next waves of digital media, communications, culture, design and more!


We set our sights to be the go-to digital media culture consultants and innovators.

Core Values

Authentic Genuine Care

Every action we do is centered in our value of giving value. We make sure to operate in a very collaborative, respectful & transparent environment where every individual’s voice is heard.

Creatively Curious

Some of our best ideas just come from allowing ourselves to play around with crazy ideas from random inspirations that we don’t put a limit on. 


We like to stop once in a while and look at the big picture. We love to connect research with our own personal experience to give our work more meaningful, thoughtful and realistic ideas.



Our team started out as a group of ambitious people who met up in a garage and had nothing but a common passion of helping brands to succeed using the power of socials, talking about the things that we thought could never achieve. True enough, it became the life we’re living now. So best believe that whatever we do, we will never lose without a fight.

At Wave, we’re given the freedom to explore things we want to pursue. Nonetheless, we put more importance on asking ourselves the things we’re willing to give in order to achieve our dreams. We’re the people who know the importance of process – the daily efforts that make up our dream of “One day.” We live it every day.


We draw inspiration from everywhere. We can get silly all day every day and no one judges because it’s part of our creative process. We bond over beers, sports, board games, instruments, and even bey-blades.  


Going to the office takes up most of our lives and we make sure that we treat our office, shoots or outside meetings as our second home. We love and support each other as family. We celebrate each other’s achievements but we’re also not afraid to tell each other what needs to be improved because we’re responsible for one another’s goals – and yes, we know very well what each other’s goals more are than they do.

Our Team

Joma Ablay

Chief Executive Officer

Winona Buendia

Chief Marketing & Sales Officer

Martin Antonio

Chief Operations Officer

Poch Sunpayco

Chief Research Officer

Adrian Paredes

Jr. Art Director

Maji Ablay

Digital Marketing Strategist

Bradley Balona

Copywriter / Strategist

Our Clients

Our Clients

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